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Start! is a Pre-Reading/Pre-Writing activity book for Junior Infants. Regardless of the reading programme used in your school, this independent workbook will provide a structured plan to cater for the pre-reading and pre-writing needs of your children.

This book incorporates all the elements of the pre-reading programme: Language, Visual Discrimination, Left-Right Orientation and Auditory Discrimination. Start! uses a themed approach, with nursery rhymes/songs as the main focus. Nursery rhymes are not just for fun but have enormous educational value. It is crucial that young children learn to memorise through verse. We cannot overestimate the importance of rhyme before children begin the formal reading process.

The pattern pages of this book provide the framework for a pre-writing programme. The Mrs Murphy handwriting copies are a natural progression, fulfilling all your children’s pre-writing and writing needs.
I hope that Start!, as the name implies, will provide your children with the necessary stepping stone to the world of reading and writing.

Mrs Murphy's packs include
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