About BCM Publishing

BCM Publishing Limited was formed in 2015. First publication - 2016 - 'Start!'

I am a primary teacher in Killarney, Co. Kerry. I have thirty five years experience, 20 of those writing text books for primary school children.

In 2019 I developed the Mrs Murphy brand. Mrs Murphy's Copies are pre-prepared handwriting and maths copies for primary schools.

I recently produced cóipleabhair lamhscríbhneoireachta as Gaeilge.

All of these copies are widely available from most bookshops nationwide. They may also be purchased online from sales@edco.ie. (Edco is my distributor.)



You've been the answer to my prayers this year with both the handwriting and the maths copy.

Primary Teacher – Co. Galway


The Mrs Murphy handwriting copies have been a godsend! I will never have to dot a copybook again. My infants are making significant progress with their handwriting & they love taking these out everyday! These are a must on every school booklist!

Primary Teacher – South Tipperary


Mrs Murphy’s Copies ticked all the boxes for my Sixth Class – traceable examples, interesting

activities, independent writing and price!

Primary Teacher – Co. Kerry